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R.D Ashar Pvt. Ltd. (formerly R.D Ashar Engineering Division) is the first and the foremost metal (mesh)belt manufacturer in India and started manufacturing, Steel Wire Conveyor Belts under the brand name "EUREKA" in the year 1963.

EUREKA metal belts are used in a wide range of industries. EUREKA has always been the brand leader in India and have been improvising the product through continuous Research & Development. This assures EUREKA customer always the best quality product and service.

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Eureka Special Belts

Specialy designed for sterilisation tunnerls, drying of PVC liners in crown corks and other positive drive operations.


When additonal strength is required; when belt tracking needs to be controlled; when passing through liquids; when free spanning without support under the belt is needed - chain driven belts are the best. They are also used for critical timing and when guard plates and flights are required.

To contain a depth of material or to handle products which might roll off a belt. Retaining edges may be extensions or modefications of the belt fabric as shown in the photograph or may consist of guard plates which are attached to the belt.